The Foundry is Huntsville's first commercial tech startup studio

For a long time it's been difficult to launch and grow a startup in Huntsville. Why? Because the culture here is different. Millennials marry young, have children young, and hold financially-stable jobs. Doing your own thing is fine until you need to grow a team, but then where do you find other risk-takers? Where do you find investment capital, salespeople, marketers, etc?

Enter The Foundry, a "startup studio" based in downtown Huntsville. Much like a startup incubator, we launch and grow commercial app-based tech companies. We provide office space, investment capital, and access to seasoned entrepreneurs and mentors. We take care of administrative tasks -- IT, HR, legal -- so that you can focus on product development.

We provide a haven for anyone who's ever had a business idea but didn't know what to do with it. Join us.

MyPostOpCare, Inc.

We're building a post-surgery patient education app to assist patients who leave the hospital and need to follow a recovery process. Our app delivers daily push notification to guide patients through their recovery and educate them on what to expect or how to handle unexpected results.

Submit An App Idea

Have an idea but don't have the time or wherewithal to do something with it? Want to submit it to The Foundry in exchange for equity in the resulting company?

We'll review your idea and if we think it's worthwhile, we'll begin a formal diligence process to determine its commercial viability. If we opt to move forward and build a company around it, we'll contact you about forming an equity partnership. From there, we'll raise capital, hire employees, build a company, scale it, and attempt to sell it, with you as a beneficiary of its profits. 

Note: We are not in the business of stealing ideas. On the contrary, it makes more sense for us to partner with each other to build your idea into a flourishing company. You have the industry knowledge/passion to drive its ideation, and we have the business resources to make it happen. Should you have any questions or doubts about our process, please don't hesitate to contact us.