How The Foundry Works

The Foundry’s model is very different from most other companies. For starters, our goal is to build and sell as many companies as we can. Further, we aim to be as systemized as possible with our approach to selecting and growing companies.

Some common misconceptions about our model:

  • We’re not an agency.

    • You can’t hire us; you don’t pay us to build your app.

  • We don’t outsource our labor.

    • We’re Huntsville-focused. All of our labor comes from Huntsville.

  • We don’t provide public services.

    • We don’t offer investment help, mentoring, or consulting services. We’re internally focused.

Read on to learn about how we operate and how you can get involved!

App Idea Submissions

Each of our company ideas come from you—-the general public. While we have specific criteria for the types of app ideas we’ll consider, it remains the case that each of our company ideas are sourced from the general public. Have an app idea? Not in a position to bring it to market? Or, looking for a partner so that you can brainstorm other ideas?

Note: We never steal app ideas; we partner with ideators like yourself to drive ideas into the market. Learn more.


Each app idea that enters The Foundry goes through a three-stage diligence process. This process is important for determining whether an idea has commercial viability. We grade each idea on factors ranging from industry, to business model, price structure, competitors, acquirers, IP, etc. to determine whether an idea is worth pursuing. Throughout this process, we work closely with ideators to understand their knowledge about the idea and its potential market.

At the end of the diligence process, we draft a report on our findings and present it to our Investment Committee, who determines if/when to incorporate a company around the idea.