The Foundry is Huntsville's first commercial tech startup studio

For a long time it's been difficult to launch and grow a startup in Huntsville. Why? Because the culture here is different. Millennials marry young, have children young, and hold financially-stable jobs. Doing your own thing is fine until you need to grow a team, but then where do you find other risk-takers? Where do you find investment capital, salespeople, marketers, etc?

Enter The Foundry, a "startup studio" based in downtown Huntsville. Much like a startup incubator, we launch and grow commercial app-based tech companies. We provide office space, investment capital, and access to seasoned entrepreneurs and mentors. We take care of administrative tasks -- IT, HR, legal -- so that you can focus on product development.

We provide a haven for anyone who's ever had a business idea but didn't know what to do with it. Join us.